One Day Tour to Delhi

Delhi, capital of India and major metropolis of India is really beautiful. One of the favorite cities of all Delhi tours that welcome hundreds of tourists who arrive here after many days. This city has a lot of opportunities for enjoyment and recreation. Weather it is pleasant or not, pleasant or not, every tourist finds some kind of pleasure during his tour to Delhi.

The city of Delhi boasts of numerous historical monuments that have their own historical significance. They strengthen the city’s claim to fame. Tourists interested in the rich cultural heritage of the nation should not miss to visit them. These monuments include Red Fort, Qutub Minar, Jama Masjid, Lakshmi-Narayan Temple, Jantar Mantar and various others. The old markets of Chandni Chowk as well as the local markets provide a delightful shopping experience.

Delhi is also well known for its arts and crafts, cardistry and jewelry. The traditional industries are successfully practiced and an outline of such markets can be followed. The handicrafts products are excellent.

The Agra Fort is the most popular destination of tourists. Built in 17 ago, it is one of the most significant architectural landmarks of the city. The tourists can have an opportunity to enter the palace and see the portraits of the former rulers of India.

The old markets of Chandni Chowk as well as the local markets provide a delightful shopping experience. All the things are genuine and are sold at reasonable rates. The tourists can enjoy shopping in this area and buy several handicrafts and household accessories.

If the tourists decide to visit Gulmarg, then it makes a great sense to visit the Sonmarg as well. This is a fantastic area with diverse facets. Sonmarg of Gulmarg better known as the real proof of Kashmiri hospitality and a home to many travelers from all over the world.

The signs of wildlife activity can be observed here. Several tilting cabins are available for accommodation and tourism.ambling and golfing are evergreen hobbies here. The Gulmarg hostel is considered to be the oldest hostel of the country and always ready to welcome a thirsty traveler.

The natural splendor of the Himalayas can be enjoyed from the top of this mountain. The Mount Abu helicopter is the only one that reaches the top. The Yunallah Jeep is the best operator of Mount Abu and he is very familiar with the routes that tourists prefer.

The Lava Jain Temples are the center of attraction. These temples represent the great architectural works of the discounted exchequer temples. All the temples were built in Shoal Markan style of architecture.

The Khajuraho Temples in the state of Karnataka are the only surviving structure of the great Indus Valley civilization. The spiritual location of the place and the major attraction of Karnataka lies in the foothills of the Hills of Moss. The major shopping area of the place is Cavadi shoal. The major entrance to the place is the Mall of the Sun. This is the entry way which is provided by the Indian Army.

You can enjoy luxury on a tour to the jungles of India. The smooth flowing Ganga River has its source here. You can enjoy a river cruise or canythrope around the river.

The Godman’s worshipped on the bank of this river the great Hindu mythology. This is one of the most popular travel destinations in the country. You can visit the temples and appease the Duna’rushok (myths beliefs). This is one of the most Pebbling destinations for the phonic tour.

Bikaner is one of the most favored places of the tourists. The hill town is in the state of Himachal Pradesh. This hill town is the entry point to the alpine region. People come here to enjoy the cool Himalayan breeze and take the snow filled peaks in cable cars. Many interestingrastside arcades offer fantastic views.

Mount Abu is the only hill station in Rajasthan. Mountain climbing cordially with superb and diverse view. The first thing which pans up tourist’s attention is the green village of Mount Abu. This village is the only one of its kind in Rajasthan. From the evidences available in terms of architecture, from the tribal habitants, to the beautiful Ganga, the river, to the snow covered Krishna River all are a part of the greater Vishakhapatnam scene.

Some of the other must visit attractions of this premier tourist destination are;

Nagaur Fort:

This fort was originally built to help the King Rivers fight the attacking Nanda kings from Balrampur. It was around 450 years later, that it was renovated to help the King fight the war with his army. A large Naga was sacrificed in the process.

The main three gates of the explore are;