Castille Rameaux And The Battlefield Of El Corpus

Visiting Castille every year for my travels to the battlefields of France is an experience that I will always remember. To have the opportunity to visit this area of history and have a chance to see the remaining parts of the medieval city would have been an enormous benefit. Unfortunately we only had the time [and budget] to visit a very small part of the city.

The city of Castille is incredibly beautiful. The old town is entirelyeurlic and has narrow winding streets running between many of the historical buildings. As you walk down the streets you hear a mix of French, of course English and some other languages. Along the walls of the old town are statues of the various famous who have lived in Castille. A statue of Joan of Arc lies in a window above her tomb and another statue of Napoleon is located just inside the Town Hall. The tomb of the famous Catholic cardinal runs the entire width of this historic square.

We stayed in the Hotel Empire but were not able to visit the Cathedral on our first day. We had a chance to see the grounds again the very next day, along with several other groups visiting the cathedrals of France. We enjoyed the grounds and noted that there were many beautiful bronze sculptures along the grounds.

The chateau was constructed between the years 1415 and 1419. A estates tax could be assigned to individuals who did not have the resources to maintain their own manor. The wealthy individuals assigned to this duty were estimated to be worth millions at the time. Quite a couple of years after this tax was instated, an unusual event occurred. A lady by the name of Catherine of Aragon came to the grounds and visited several times. She stayed at the chateau for a total of three days and three nights. She came to see the gardens and inquired about the walks. According to friends, she liked the way the gardens seemed to have been laid out and asked to use some of the walks. One of the walks was specifically named after her. While Catherine was in the vicinity, amith consulted with him about some stone he wanted thrown into his backyard. Noticing Catherine’s interest, the nearest estate owner counseled that the same could not be done without her permission. Catherine was ultimately agreeable to the Chaffinch Hall advice. By the way, the sheep that were in the backyard were eventually killed and becomes the harbingers of outdoor purposes.

One of the interesting activities in this area is bicycling along the Alley of Palisades. The Alley can be established due to the Francois Tour de France who used this route to Marathon. Using the bike is a fine way to explore the area and as the driver is liable for any damage that can occur.

Another disposal site located nearby is the Green Collection. It is the country’s largest recycling site. Tourists are now discouraged from picking up the used cardboard boxes. They are put in dark bags and are then taken to a dump truck, where they will be broken down and made into new cardboard boxes.

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